divendres, de desembre 10, 2010

Champions Forever

Just wanted to share this awesome video!

Champions Forever from gt4zone on Vimeo.

dimarts, de novembre 23, 2010

Winter, memories and maybe... a new future!

Hello folks! here I come again, so long time afterwords!
I'm doing good, finally found a job in mid June until the end of December, just a part time job, but it allows me to rent my own flat in Barcelona, very close to my parent's place. It's a very cool place, small, but with a 6m2 terrace and awesome views of the Tibidabo Mountain and a lil of the Mediterranean Sea side! A shame i would probably have to let it go after my contract will end. I'm still trying hard to find a new job, but is hard to.

Anyway, I have found that Leonardo da Vinci program for engeneers in Prague or Hamburg for 2011 and I must apply for it! 12 weeks in any of those places would be cool tho! Anyway it will mean i will miss my Birthday in Barcelona and probably the next day an awesome Nofx show in my town. We will see what future will bring. I was checking Vanessa's (the french girl from our Erasmus in Sweden '09 ) blog trying to find if she has been in Hamburg and if Linda leaves there or somewhere else in germany that beguns by H and i have to admit her blog is pretty cool tho! I have found some nice forgotten pics, and some very kind words. So it made me think again in our days in Växjö.

During those pasts months we have had some visitors but this would be another history!

See you soon friends!

A video of my city! :D

BARCELONA SOME REASONS from nueve ojos on Vimeo.

dissabte, d’agost 07, 2010

Enjoying, Suffering, Deception and after.... Fede visiting!

Hey! What's up!?

The recent past weeks had just been an experience!
First.... I got a job! A contract until Christmas, and I just have to go on the mornings, wich is cool.
That said, even not looking for it, I have found an appartment for rent! Pretty cool, and close to my parents! So.... I am living by my own again like in Sweden! Since like the 20th of July I am enjoying my own Atticus in this city! :)

(Having a small welcome party at the terrace of my place with a bunch of great friends!)

That said, some happiness came to me when I met up those friends in the supermarket and I have met up a friend of them, lately I told them I found her attractive and they planned...... a night in the beach of Lloret de Mar for the 4 of us! When this german girl I liked and I rested there in the restaurant super close to the beach alone because the other couple just have left for romantic boat trip for the next hour-hour and a half, the party time begun!

Everything went perfect with her, and we had so much fun. So we dated the next day again the 4 of us, but this time things went a lil different. A 3rd person came, and in this time my friend (the one that has introduced me that girl from Berlin) decided even she knew sth was going on in between the 2 of us, to separate us and to just put this guy in that german's life. To my surprise,even the girl was kissing and fooling around with me, once we went back at 7am and I was ready to go to work, my friend decided to suggest the guy to go with her and the german to their appartment. Since that time, I had no more news from the girl, even more, she has been being not a good model of ,let's say, good behaviour.

I still have to talk with my friend, 'cos that's something that has to not be repeated again; I mean..... what the fuck!? I had a feelin' for that girl! Come on! To have friends like this.... is better to not have'em, right?

(Here a song that reminds me of that situation, and I actually find it relates it very well, from one of my fav bands)

And after all this shitty situation, the same day the german was leaving, Fede came to visit the City! ^_^ And we all had great fun with her around! (as usual)

(having a Mojito)

(at Demo's and Michali's Place getting ready)

So I went to pick her up in the Airport for her totally surprise and have been almost unable to recognize her! But somehow we have recongnized each other and that was a nice surprise for her.

Then those 9 days she has been in Demo's and Michalis Place we have met up almost everyday just to go to the beach, to do a small party at my appt, or whatever it should! Has been loads of fun and I am beggining to miss those days!

(visiting the Park Güell)

(having another Mojito the next day, it seemed that she liked the place :-P)

Actually all I have left are the memories, and the sadness again of what went wrong before Fede came (just havin' good ones about her visit), but I would like to think that I have seen someone I liked, I worked on that, Got it, and then yeah suddenly losted it, but at least I have had some fun meanwhile, even now is just a piece of crap. Easy come, easy goes, isn't that so true? Yes, it is!

And now I am on holidays for the nexts 2 weeks, so.... everyone is welcomed in the city!

Life can be good, you just have to know how to make it be good! :) (if no one else's tries to play with you, for sure).

A good talk to my friend is needed and waiting for me, and then we will see what else this summertime of 2010 will bring!


dimecres, de juny 23, 2010

My Trip to the 24h of le mans 2010.

There you have the most incredible race of all, related by me about the trippin' there and the race itself, published in another website.


I hope you'd enjoy it! Soon Will post it here and maybe some other pictures as well.
All related and photographied by me! My first article written in a public website! YEAH!

dimarts, de juny 01, 2010

Le Mans here I come !!!! :)

Hello Folks!

Call me freak, some likes sex (well, I do too), triping (I do as well), frogs or anything else ; well.... I do like cars and Racing cars the most.
Over all them a driver, my lifelong idol Nigel Mansell who would be racing for the very first time in the 24H Du Mans this year even have been Formula 1 World Champion (in 1992) and IndyCar Series World Champion in 1993.

Last week I booked my flights to Paris !!! yeah! from June 11th to June 13th so the First Step of that amazing Trip has been done.

Now we just need to collect the Tickets at the main entrance with probably Student Disccount the same Saturday 12th wich would be if we are lucky like 50% Off (let's say 39 euros instead of 65 for being in the grand stand), and the most difficult thing, to find and arrange a place to sleep that night.

Anyway, I am more than happy and very excited with that trip. Mathieu is coming with me and we are gonna do what we couldn't in Sweden, watch some Cars Races together but not only "a Cars Race", this is THE Race ! The 24h of Le Mans are a myth inside the Sport itself!
This year it's the 78th Edition of that awesome race.

Last years winners (they drive 3 drivers per car) had the catalan driver Marc Gené (F1 Ferrari Team Tester) in the winning car, so let's hope he can repeat in 2010!

As well I am checking if I can do the miracle and trying to find a cheap 2nd hand Reflex Camera wich could be at my place on June 9th, latest June 10th via buying it on e-bay, but that would be pretty hard to find.

I recognize I just get in love with those cameras once in the Formula 1 Testing Days in the Circuit de Catalunya Aïda (a friend) letted me try her own one (a Canon eos 300D) and I have to say those cameras shoot so fast that to have fotos is easy. With mine (with 3 times more zoom than hers, it is pretty hard to, but once you do the result is great!),so let's see what can I figure out!

Wish me luck Fellas!

dijous, d’abril 15, 2010

Nigel Mansell and sons at Le Mans

No words are needed (just if the spanish version of the video doesn't fits well for you, then you need them, but it is not in english only on youtube)

My lifelong idol, Sir Nigel Ernest James MANSELL and his sons to race at Le Mans 2010.
They made 8th in the very first race together and with the team !!! AMAZING!

dilluns, d’abril 12, 2010

The week of my Birthday (again)

Heeeello bloggers and curious people!
How are things?

Here in Barcelona those pasts days looked like if spring came to stay, but unfortunatelly today we don't have that nice weather anymore.

Those pasts days I have finally meet the geek Greeks !!! :D In a curious night.
I just met up Jordi, Adriana and Patty to buy our tickets for the month's Pennywise + Strike Anywhere show next May.

After that went to watch Barça's game at Javi's and Mariona's place. The game was great, 0-2 and we won Madrid again like last year's! Just this time there has been no lake bath for me :-S

After that we went to a bar in the Born neigbourhood to have some beer, and after a while I said goodbye to met up the Greeks. They already where in the line in Razzmatazz and I met Gaizka there and a weird but nice american girl that asked us if we spoke english and if it's usual to get kicked out of the line if you even have tickets. No, it is not really. After a while she said us that she has been creeping a bit the guards and it is true 'cos when we arrived there.... she and me get kicked out! After telling them I had nothing with that girl (and loosing Gaizka and the others being inside of the club main entrance) I could go on.

At the time i was feeling so dissapointed, I did a long run to see Demos and Michalis for the 1st time after the Erasmus in Sweden, almost one year and I was excited with the possibility of meeting them and then.... kicked out in my own city! WTH!?

But finally i could go in and there they where! :-D Michalis smile told me that he was looking forward as well to see me and that even I shaved my beard I should still be looking similar (no idea), so after all we could go inside and met up! Has been amazing!

For the 1st time in my life I have seen a live show in Razzmatazz in a usual "club" night. I mean, don't get me wrong, I went there a thousand of times to watch shows live, but I haven't seen never a kind of punk rock band playing in a saturday night when it is supposed to be a huge club with not much rock'n'roll. Craaaaazy!

The meeting with them has been great! :D I have been so looking forward to do it, and we enjoyed a good night. Luckyly there are no photos of that night ^_^ We were all so freaking tireds.

After all yesterday we met up again to visit the Park Güell and they enjoyed it, even the day wasn't showing the best weather and some polution just keept us out of been able to watch the Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, etc) from the highest point of the Park.

Today, the beggining of the week of my birthday (that I really don't feel yet), I get my Bicing card (the Bicing is a public bike service all around the city, even you have to pay a fee per year) wich would allow me to bike again !!! I have missed it so much until sweden! Even the bicing bikes are a piece of crap I have to say. But is nice, I would probably go this evening for a ride :)

But what if I used to ride a BTT like the one below (in other colous and bigger) and now I have to ride "that" strange bee-bike?

That's all about the week of my birthday, i don't expect so much 'cos I don't have many plans. I don't know how or when would try to celebrate my birthday party because on saturday and sunday I have to be working in the Circuit de Catalunya (there's a motorbikes race) and my Bday is on Sunday... so no idea. We would probably celebrate something on wednesday but not sure, and the next weekend after my birthday is St Jordi's (the day of the lovers as well as the biggest day of the city and the nicest one!) so... how can I compete against St. Jordi's ?

Maybe some of you would remember that day in a special way after that I knocked at your door with a couple of roses and I have explained you the story of Sant Jordi's (Saint George) one year ago in Sweden. I trully would like to repeat this experience with you again but..... would be difficult this time.

Well, I would manage something, or I would try to :-)

To the ones that doesn't know, Sant Jordi's Day is the lovers day in Catalunya and it is amazing, i am so proud the Greeks would be here to enjoy this day. Is THE day you've to be in Barcelona. I had added some pictures, but is just you have to live it.

Next time I would tell you about.
Kind Regards to all my friends! :D
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